14th March 1981
University Orchestra
Conductors: David Ashman and Peter Evans
Leaders: Diana Welton and Siriol Jenkins
Rossini – Overture: L’Italiana in Algeri
Mozart – Violin Concert in A (Soloist: Siriol Jenkins)
Brahms – Symphony No.1

28th June 1981
A Choral and Orchestral Concert
Conductor: Peter Evans
Leader: Patricia Knight
Haydn – Symphony No. 104
Mozart – Requiem

4th October 1981
Pre-term Orchestral Concert
Conductor: Peter Evans
Leader: Martin White
Bruckner – Overture in G minor
Hindemith – Five string Pieces (Soloist: Elizabeth Porter, violin)
Saint-Saens – Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso (Soloist: Diana Welton, violin)
Gounod – Petite Symphonie for Wind Instruments
Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 in C minor

5th December 1981
The University Orchestra
Conductor: Peter Evans
Leader: Diana Welton
Beethoven – Overture: Egmont
Schumann – Piano concerto in A minor (Soloist: Etelvina Rodrigues)
Berwald – Symphonie Singuliere