The SUSO is self-funding and we are keen to see this long established student enterprise continue its good work for generations of future professionals to come, and so seek support by way of local corporate and/or more general sponsorship, to further enhance the SUSO’s work.

Where your money goes:
£50 – van used to transport percussion, double basses and harp on concert days
£100 – one evening’s rehearsal space
£150 – a conductor for one evening’s rehearsal
£750 – music hire cost for a term

If you would like to sponsor a specific instrument/equipment purchase and see it being played or used during our concerts, we have a ‘wish-list’ of currently required items.

Individual item wishlist:

A full set (x85) of orchestral music folders @ total £1000, orchestral bass trombone £950 – £1500, orchestral bass clarinet – £1500-£3500, 34’’ symphonic tam-tam £1200 plus protective cover £200, protective sound screens costing £150 each, tubular bells £4000, cor-anglais £2000-£4000, timpani service (£500)