Wessex News January 22nd 1952
Thursday March 18th: Orchestral Concert at 8pm by U.C.S. Orchestra. Conductor: Trevor Webb. Leader: John Crawford
From the Wessex News 20th March 1952 it appears the College orchestra concert was postponed, and in its place there was a chamber music concert.

Wessex News July 1st 1952
“A large audience enjoyed the concert given in the Refectory last Thursday in aid of the British Student T.B. Foundation, by the College Orchestra (Conductor Trevor Webb, Leader John Crawford) and by the graduates’ Octet conducted by Geoffrey Holmes.” (Octet were a vocal group.)
“To found and train in less than eight months an orchestra of thirty that contains some experienced but many inexperienced players is not easy. After so short a time one could never expect a first-class performance. Yet the College Orchestra, in spite of such difficulties, performed valiantly throughout the evening and at times player remarkably well.”
Trumpet Tune (Soloist: K.G. Buxton)
Schubert – Symphony No.5
Holst – St Paul’s Suite

1951-52 Report of the President of the Students’ Union
“The Music Society, founded last session, has abundantly proved its worth with a number of recitals, culminating in a most creditable concert by the Orchestra.”
University of Southampton Proceedings 1951-52 LF 783.4

Wessex News October 7th 1952
Report on Music Society- “The central activity has been the Orchestra, which made its debut at the end of last term. Starting with piano and a few upper strings, we grew during the first term into a respectable consort of some eighteen strings plus a modest wind and percussion section.” Gratitude shown to members of Academic staff and residents in the Southampton area. “May they ever be welcome”.
Appeal for all those in the University whop lay an orchestral instrument, whether beginner of virtuoso to join. “Keenness is the only qualification- but it is imperative; team work is more important than individual attainment; and if we are to raise the standard, we must spend a good proportion of our spare time on it.”