Our equipment is stored in both Turner Sims Concert Hall and the University of Southampton Music Department. The prices below are the standard charge for one day. Please let us know if you plan to hire equipment for use abroad.


Double Bass (incl. stool)- £20

Conductor Podium – £15

Folding Conductor Podium – £15

A discount of one-third is applied to all University of Southampton societies’ total bill.

For prolonged periods of hire, such as a tour, discounts are available in the following multiplier:

  • 2 days – 1.5x
  • 3 days – 2x
  • 4 days – 2.5x
  • 5 days – 3x
  • 6 days – 3.5x
  • 7 days – 4x

The Hirer is entirely responsible for the safe collection, use and return of the instrument and for payment of the bill, whether sent to the Hirer or to another person on the Hirer’s instruction. Please note that, despite appearances, most instruments are extremely delicate and easy to damage. Any loss or damage must be reported to SUSO’s Orchestral Manager immediately. Please also note that all damage and/or loss of instruments shall be paid by the Hirer in addition to the hire fee. A photographic record will be kept of instrument quality before and after hire. If you have any concerns about the safe handling of the instruments, please contact the SUSO’s Orchestral Manager who will be more than happy to help and advise you. If the storage cupboard is not left how it was found an additional charge of £30 will be added.

To hire out non-percussion items please contact our Orchestral Manager, Aoife Scully, on suso@soton.ac.uk .

Using the equipment without permission from the Orchestral Manager is an automatic £200 fine, in addition to the sum owed.