The Southampton University Symphony Orchestra’s membership changes each year. As with any university orchestra, each summer we say goodbye to older members as they leave the university. At the start of each academic year all existing members are re-auditioned, to ensure that the orchestra is of the highest possible standard.

To request an audition, applicants should be of the following playing levels:
• String players – Grade 6+
• Woodwind/brass players – Grade 8+ (French Horn players are usually accepted with a minimum standard of Grade 7)
• Orchestral percussion: Grade 7+
* Whilst the grade/playing level is important, we understand that not all musicians have taken graded exams. We use the grade level simply as a guide. If however, you do take exams, it should be assumed that you have already taken and moved beyond the minimum grade requirements in order to be able to request an audition.

Our audition weekend for the 2020-21 season will take place in late September – come and find our stand at the union bunfight.

Preparing for the audition:
Applicants will be expected to perform a programme of roughly 5 minutes. The timing here is not important, we will stop you once we have heard enough! We hope your programme will have two contrasting sections (this could be from one piece or two contrasting pieces). You will then be given some orchestral sight-reading, nothing too scary though!

Don’t panic!
An audition may seem a little daunting at first, however we do keep it as informal as possible. The rewards are great the other side! If you choose to join SUSO you will be following in the footsteps of thousands of musicians before you… what are you waiting for?!!

Good luck- we look forward to hearing you!