Southampton University Symphony Orchestra is run by an annually elected committee of student players who volunteer and dedicate so much time to making playing music possible.

We asked the new committee for the 2021/22 season some questions to introduce themselves! 

Toby King-Cline – President

Instrument: Oboe

Degree: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Year of Study: Third Year

Toby’s Bio:

Hi everyone, I’m Toby and I am SUSO President 2022/23. I am going into my 3rd year of Aeronautics and Astronautics and this will also be my 3rd year in SUSO. I play the oboe and my favourite piece I have played in SUSO is The New World Symphony. I can’t wait for the coming year and I am looking forward to meeting lots of new faces!

Louis Exall – Vice President

Instrument: Cello

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Year of Study: Third Year

Louis’ Bio:

Hi team, I’m Louis and this will be my 3rd year playing cello in SUSO and my first year on the committee as Vice-president… my favourite SUSO memories must be from our Belgium tour last year where we played at some incredible venues and did some great activities. I’m looking forward to working with Toby and the committee to ensure SUSO remains fun and friendly. Hope to see you soon…
Louis xx

Emily Manning – Treasurer

Instrument: Flute

Degree: Music

Year of Study: Third Year

Emily’s Bio

Hey!! I’m Emily and I’m your treasurer this year. I’m in my third year studying music and I play flute. My favourite pieces include Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov and The Firebird by Stravinsky. My favourite SUSO memories have got to be from our 2022 tour to Belgium and playing in so many beautiful places, as well as Preterm 2021 which was a great laugh. Looking forward to seeing old and new faces and playing some great music!! 😁
SUSO love 🥰

Tally Jones – Librarian

Instrument: Violin

Degree: Acoustics and Music

Year of Study: Third Year

Tally’s Bio:

Hey I’m Tally, and I’m the SUSO Librarian this year. I’m in my third year doing Acoustics and Music and this is my third year playing violin in SUSO. My favourite piece of orchestral music is Rachmaninov Symphony no 2 and my favourite SUSO memories are from going on tour to Belgium in the summer. Looking forward to the new year and playing lots of new rep!!

George Webb – Orchestral Manager

Instrument: Bassoon

Degree: Acoustical Engineering

Year of Study: Third Year

George’s Bio:

Hi, I’m George, 3rd year acoustics with Music Student, and I’m the Orchestral Manager for this year. My favourite SUSO memory is when, on tour, many of us posed wearing bibs, which was then memeified as the last supper. Then we went to the weirdest pub/antiques shop/house I’ve ever been to .

Emma Congdon – Publicity Officer

Instrument: Cello

Degree: Environmental Science

Year of Study: Third Year

Emma’s Bio:

Hey I’m Emma and I’m this years publicity officer, along with Andy! I play cello and am going into my 3rd year studying Environmental Science. One of my favourite SUSO memories is going on tour to Belgium last year and playing in some amazing venues. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon!

Andrew Vas – Publicity Officer

Instrument: Violin

Degree: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Year of Study: Third Year

Andrew’s Bio:

Hi everyone, I’m Andy and I’m a 3rd year EEE student. This year I am doing publicity along side Emma. This will be my third year in the orchestra. My favourite memory in SUSO would be on the tour to Belgium in the last summer, after co-organising it. My favourite piece I’ve played in the orchestra is Rach piano concerto 2. Look forward to seeing you all soon🙂
Suso Love

Genevieve Namazzi – Social Secretary

Instrument: Viola

Degree: Music

Year of Study: Second Year

Genevieve’s Bio:

Hi, I’m Genevieve. I’m in second year, I play the Viola and I study Music. My favourite orchestral piece of all time is actually Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture by Tchaikovsky but my favourite piece with SUSO was definitely Danzon No. 2 by Márquez.
My favourite SUSO memory was the first joint pub crawl social because I learnt about all the strange and funny traditions that the societies have!

Sam Dean – Social Secretary

Instrument: Percussion

Degree: Music

Year of Study: Third Year

Sam’s Bio:

Sam is a third year music student, and this is will be his third year in the orchestra. He is currently principle for percussion

Katie Fung – Outreach Officer

Instrument: Violin

Degree: Medicine

Year of Study: Second Year

Katie’s Bio:

Hi! I’m Katie and I am a 2nd year Medicine student. This is my second year playing violin in SUSO and my first as Outreach Officer. I enjoy playing any film music – Bernstein’s West Side Story is one of my favourites. Last year it was amazing to be able to play live orchestral works again, especially Mahler 5. I’m excited to organise Baby SUSO and for the year ahead!

Thomas Freedman – Tour Secretary

Instrument: Cello

Degree: Civil Engineering

Year of Study: Graduate

Thomas’ Bio:

Hello everyone, I’m Thomas. I play the cello and percussion. I’m addicted to Suso so looking forward to getting my fix again this year. Apart from Suso I enjoy sports, gym, games, gaming, singing, formula 1, organising multi society international music tours and designing steel reinforced lumps of concrete.

Anna Hinchliff – Tour Secretary

Instrument – Violin

Degree: Georgaphy

Year of Study: Third Year

Anna’s Bio

Anna is in her third year of study of geography. She plays the violin and this will be her third year in the the orchestra.