Southampton University Symphony Orchestra is run by an annually elected committee of student players who volunteer and dedicate so much time to making playing music possible.

We asked the new committee for the 2021/22 season some questions to introduce themselves! 

Kieran Potter – President

Instrument: Viola

Degree: BA Music with French

Year of Study: Third Year

Kieran’s Bio:

Hi there, I’m Kieran and I am SUSO president for 2021/22! I am going into my 3rd year of my Music with French degree, having been in the orchestra since I joined the university in my first year! You will usually find me in the Lower brass section, with Trombone and Tuba being my main instruments, though this year I am playing in the mighty Viola section. I have previously been Social Secretary and Publicity Officer, and I can’t wait for what the year has in store for SUSO!

Rosie Waddington – Vice President

Instrument: Violin

Degree: BA Music

Year of Study: Third Year

Rosie’s Bio:

My favourite moment of SUSO has got to be the centenary concert we did before lockdown, it was amazing to see all of our hard work come together to create this unforgettable concert. This year, I am really looking forward to working with Kieran and the rest of the committee to create a fantastic year of music making. We already have a bunch of plans for next year and some fun socials as well. I don’t really have a particular piece of music that is my favourite but I love all film music and The Planets by Holst. I also love playing Brahms, Elgar and Vaughan Williams.

Oliver Brunt – Treasurer

Instrument: Bass Trombone

Degree: Acoustical Engineering

Year of Study: Third Year

What has been your favourite moment in the orchestra so far?

One moment that particularly stands out for me in SUSO was playing Alpine Symphony by Strauss in the Guildhall for the centenary concert in my first year. Although, playing Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky at Christmas is definitely up there too! This year is going to be an interesting year for SUSO, so I really cannot wait to simply be back with everyone, playing some smashing music. Particularly though, I am looking forward to the exciting projects we are planning and being able to be a part of the running of this fantastic orchestra over the coming year. Being a brass player I like any music by any of the late romantic composers, but my favourite piece has to be Mahler’s 6th Symphony (tragic), as it is written so well for all sections and sounds amazing.

Emily Manning – Librarian

Instrument: Flute

Degree: BA Music

Year of Study: Second Year

Emily’s Bio:

Hey!! I’m Emily and I’m a 2nd year music student. This is my second year in SUSO and my first year on committee as the librarian. For me, the best part of SUSO is being able to meet and play with so many talented musicians, something that I really missed during lockdown. My favourite SUSO moment was being part of the first concert in over a year due to covid and playing Pirates of the Caribbean as I love playing film scores. I also love playing Vaughan Williams and Mahler, and I am a huge fan of the ballet so Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” is a favourite. Here’s to a year with (hopefully) some more live music !! Suso love x

George Webb – Orchestral Manager

Instrument: Bassoon

Degree: Acoustical Engineering

Year of Study: Second Year

George’s Bio:

George is this the Orchestral Manager for SUSO this year, with it being his second year at the university and first year on committee.

Mikey Anderson Jennings – Publicity Officer

Instrument: Tenor and Bass Trombone

Degree: Physics with Astronomy

Year of Study: Fourth Year

Mikey’s Bio:

Mikey has been in the orchestra since he joined the university in 2018, being a dedicated member for all of that time. He was on committee as Social Secretary in his second year alongside Kieran.

Owyn Haylings – Publicity Officer

Instrument: Tenor Trombone

Degree: Music with a Year Abroad

Year of Study: Second Year

Owyn’s Bio:

This is Owyn’s second year in SUSO, and his first on the committee, so is looking forward to getting more involved with the orchestra.

Will Shirras – Social Secretary

Instrument: Viola and Oboe

Degree: Chemistry

Year of Study: Third Year

Will’s Bio:

Will joined SUSO in 2019 in his first year at the university. Alongside playing both the Viola and the Oboe, he is also a keen footballer!

Charlie Mann – Social Secretary

Instrument: French Horn

Degree: MA Music

Year of Study: Fourth Year

Charlies Bio:

Charlie has been in the orchestra since she joined the university in 2018 and has been our principal horn player since she started. Last year, she was President of SUSO, so will be a vital support to the committee with her experience.

Rebekah Shaw – Outreach Officer

Instrument: Violin

Degree: BA Music

Year of Study: Third Year

Rebekah’s Bio:

Hi everyone! I’m Bekah a 3rd year music student and I am this year’s outreach officer! Suso is an incredible way to make friends at uni and I’m so excited to be able to play with amazing musicians again after the last year! Playing the Alpine Symphony just before the pandemic started stands out as a highlight of my time at uni, but my favourite memory has to be baby suso! I’m so excited to organise it this year and hopefully we can inspire the next generation of musicians in Southampton and show how important music is for young people.

Andrew Vas – Tour Secretary

Instrument: Violin

Degree: Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Year of Study: Second Year

Andrew’s Bio:

Hi, I am Andrew and I’m a second year EEE student. I play violin and this will be my second year in SUSO. This year I am Tour Secretary, and I will be planning a tour in Europe for the orchestra to go on this academic year, which will be great since the orchestra hasn’t been on one in many years now. Because of COVID I haven’t got to do much with the orchestra this last year, but having the final concert was great to have and I have found the community of the orchestra have been really great as well. My favourite piece would be Rienzi Overture by Wagner.

Thomas Freedman – Tour Secretary

Instrument – Cello

Degree: Civil Engineering

Year of Study: First year graduate

Thomas’ Bio

Hello everyone, I’m Thomas, I’ve been playing percussion in SUSO for four years but am now playing cello. I’ve had a great time in SUSO so far and even though I’m terrible at remembering what pieces it is I’ve played; I do remember enjoying it all. My favourite orchestral experience was playing Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. As well as playing in orchestra, I enjoy sports, gym, computer games, singing, formula 1 and designing steel-concrete composite highway bridges!