The Southampton University Symphony Orchestra is run by an annually-elected committee of players. The 2018/19 committee consists of:


President: Thomas Dyketom

As the President of SUSO, Thomas has the wonderful job of working with the fantastic committee ensuring the day-to-day running of the orchestra. The orchestra require a lot of organisation, which comprises the majority of the presidents work, and it is a true joy watching it come together. As well as President of the orchestra, he is in his final year of an MMATH Mathematics degree and plays violin.




sophieVice President: Sophie Blundell

Currently in her third year of an MSci Physics degree, Sophie is our principal cellist. Her role as Vice President includes running the SUSO Friends and Alumni scheme, keeping track of attendance and writing programme notes for each of our concerts.




Orchestral Manager: Thomas Freedman

Thomas is SUSO’s Orchestral Manager. This means he is in charge of booking rehearsal and concert venues as well as organising percussion hire. As one of SUSO’s resident percussionists, he is well placed to take charge of our instruments and store cupboard and can often be heard playing the timpani. Tom is currently in his second year studying Civil Engineering.







Treasurer: Peter Welinkarpeter

Peter is the Treasurer for SUSO for the next year and is therefore in charge of organising all of the orchestras finances. He’s in his 2nd year studying Aerospace Engineering at the university, but loves to keep in touch with his musical roots, and is a violinist in the orchestra.




Publicity Officer: Steven Kenningtonsteven 2

Stevie’s role as Publicity Officer is to advertise the orchestra and design and distribute posters to publicise upcoming concerts. He is currently in his third year studying Philosophy as well as being a violinist in the orchestra.





Social Media Officer: Amelia Powell

Amelia is a third year Biology student and our principal double bassist in SUSO. As Social Media Officer, Amelia administers the orchestra’s social marketing and advertising by running SUSO’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as SUSO’s Website.






Social Secretaries: Nathan Patel and Edward Guy

Our social secretaries are responsible for organising parties and get togethers. The wholesome friendly atmosphere can in no small part be attributed to them, as well as every member who is a part of our community. Nathan is an English student and Edward studies Acoustic Engineering with Music. Nathan plays in the first violins and Edward plays trumpet.



Outreach Project Manager: Isaac Truehertz

As Outreach Project Manager in SUSO, Isaac runs our annual Baby SUSO tour to local schools and is in charge of how SUSO is viewed in the wider community of Southampton. He really enjoys getting children involved in SUSO events and teaching them about the different instruments in the orchestra before playing fun film soundtracks like Frozen. Isaac is in his second year studying Music at the University.






Librarian: Columba Dromgoole-Cavazzi

Columba is currently in her third year studying Music at the University. As a violinist in SUSO she particularly enjoyed playing Shostakovich’s Symphony No.10. As well as leading the orchestra this year, her role as Librarian involves contacting music libraries, hiring and distributing sheet music for each term.







Fundraising Officer: Clare Wright

Clare is in charge of continuing to make sure SUSO is sustainable. With increasing costs for music and venue hire and reduced sources of funding, Clare works to secure the future of SUSO by applying to both local and national grants. Clare is completing her second year studying Mathematics with Music and is a percussionist in SUSO.


Tour Managers: Emma Benson and Ed Gill

Ed and Emma are both music students within Southampton and both play the violin in SUSO. Ed is in his second year, whereas Emma is on a year abroad in Paris; perfect for scouting out the city before SUSO arrives in June. They are great friends, and can often be heard touring Southampton’s venues with their band SALT containing two other SUSO members, both called Joe.